Global Insights Briefing: Venturing back out with care


Each month, the Google Ads Research and Insights team analyzes data sets of billions of recent search queries and consumer behaviors to develop a deep understanding of key market trends.

We found that people are planning ahead for travel, searching for the “best area to stay in,” “summer camp,” “book a flight,” and “the best time to go.” Across the surveyed countries, 10% of people have booked a trip, 26% are browsing or researching travel/trip ideas, and 32% are thinking about traveling in 2022.1 But travelers are also planning with caution, researching “entry requirements,” “travel insurance,” and “cancellation policy.”

When people can’t travel, they’re venturing out and about locally, seeking activities like “afternoon tea near me,” “sauna near me,” “arcade near me,” and “pottery classes near me.” And day to day, they’re using productivity tools to improve their in-office and remote work experiences, searching for “project management tools,” “project management software,” and “remote jobs near me.”2

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Source: Google Data, Global English, Dec. 28, 2021–Feb. 25, 2022 vs. Dec. 28, 2020–Feb. 25, 2021.

Original article written by Daniel Trovato – Ads Research and Insights Manager – Google

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